A Sampler of Living Water programming short segments, "Water is a Many Splendor'ed Thing"

Water is a Many Splendor'ed Thing is intended for broadcast on Living Water® web radio and terrestrial radio. Its’ primary purpose is to support the listener in learning how the public is vulnerable to the water issue, what relationships in the water issue are active and the value system of the community and stakeholders.  The public facilitation program drives which specific segment is broadcasted during a particular broadcast week. Over 254 segments from all around the world have been produced to date.

101 Municipal Needs.JPG

Municipal Needs

143 Butterflies Toads and Fish.JPG

Butterflies, Toads and Fish

184 Water Politics in Water.JPG
242 Hang Together  or Hang Separately.jpg
153 The Yakama Nation.JPG
69 WWII Life in the Navy.jpg
194 Working Together.JPG
168 Build It and Then What.JPG
210 Lets Get it Done.jpg
85 Jumping Through a Cloud.JPG
186 Dont Just Sit There.JPG
134 Living the Amish Life.JPG
123 Pittsburgh River Patrol.JPG
199 Financing Land Without Water.JPG
180 Everybody Needs to get  Involved.JPG
173 Reflections of a Dairyman III.JPG
183 HelpingCommunitiesHelpThemselves.JPG
132 Ideas and Teamwork-What a Combination.JPG
141 A Waning Delta.JPG
252 MedicinalCannabis.jpg

Water Politics in War

Hang Together or Hang Separately

The Yakama Nation


WWII Life in the Navy


Working Together


Build It and Then What?


Levees, Let's Get it Done


Jumping Through a Cloud


Yemen, Don't Just Sit There


Living the Amish Life


Pittsburgh River Patrol


Financing Land Without Water


Everybody Needs to Get Involved


The Meaning of a Dairy


Helping Communities Help Themselves


Vashon Island, Ideas and Teamwork


A Waning Delta


Medicinal Cannabis