California’s recent statewide electricity outages are a reminder that without a proactive effort to improve our infrastructure and management practices, we face the domino effect of disruption that ripples through businesses and into our personal lives at home. Just as no electricity means virtually no commerce, very limited communication, no fuel for our trucks and cars, food loss and food availability limitations, water limitations have their own cascading impacts. Failed or inadequate water infrastructures eventually can impact our commerce, food and water supply, energy flexibility and capacity, public health and public safety. All of these outcomes can be avoided. It takes governance that listens to understand, a public that takes responsibility for their part and a combined focus to agree and implement solutions that support the common goal.

Building adaptability into society takes time and that time is now. The physical solutions are the tangible project outcomes but all projects sit on the will of the population and its governance. Build on common community values and find your common goal. We adapt better when we work together.