Solving our future’s water issues will require a professional workforce trained in the best science and an ethical code that is reflected by our communities, at large. What is being done to bridge the gap between the wave of water professionals that are now retiring and the next workforce that will carry the torch? How can future water professionals benefit by the wisdom and experience gained by our retiring professionals?

Operation Unite® has a programming department named, “Living Water®.” Living Water® has developed many different radio programs including the “Meet Your Mentor” program. The “Meet Your Mentor” program connects real mentors in the water industry with listeners who have interest in training and education in vocational and academic schools, finding a job, continuing education, ethics, education and dealing with setbacks experienced in the industry. Our goal is to build bridges and relationships between up and coming water professionals and experienced water professionals currently active or retired. There are many different water-related fields and Living Water® is launching the first two right now; Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.
Visit Operation Unite® at or go directly to , choose a mentor page and listen to the radio programs. You have two mentors to choose from; Robert Trousil, Civil Engineer/Hydrogeologist/Hydraulic Engineer working for the Alaskan Department of Transportation and Robert Campbell, Engineering Geologist working as a consultant in northern California. Men and women both will be chosen to participate as mentors in years to come.

Our historic past will yield great achievements in years ahead because mentoring builds forward from today’s capabilities.  Meet Your Mentor places a spotlight on behaviors that solve water issues, with ethics, competence and integrity. Over sixteen shows are available for listening. Listen and share the Meet Your Mentor programs with your family members, K-12 schools, community colleges, Universities, governmental agencies, business leaders and work associates.  Visit Operation Unite® at or go directly to MEET YOUR MENTOR brings people together to solve water problems.