Operation Unite® is nearing the end of its 30-day pilot public facilitation project in Nevada County. Go to our Operation Unite® Facebook site and find out some of the things that have occurred.

We have been raising awareness and dialogue on the Central Valley farming issue, the concerns in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the need for groundwater management in the Paso Robles watershed in San Luis Obispo County, the need for groundwater management in all the foothill and mountain communities of California and California’s efforts to conserve, recycle and reuse water throughout the state. We have been interviewing the movers and shakers in California, Washington, Colorado and other regions in the world and have placed their efforts in front of the California public to see. The effort of these people demonstrates that we will always have water working together.

We have had daily presence on radio stations in Nevada County with broadcasting of talk shows, roundtable discussions, public announcements and our Water is a Many Splendor-ed Thing short segments. Local television has been broadcasting our Faces in the Drought series to the northern regions of the Sacramento, Placer, Nevada and Yuba counties. Newspaper articles regarding water have been published in local newspapers. Citizens from all around have shared drought tips.  Everyone is working together.

Come, visit Operation Unite’s Facebook page and see what has been happening and what is scheduled during the final five days of the project. We believe what we say; "We will always have water working together." You can bank on that!!