California is trying to save 1.3 million acre-feet of water (the amount currently stored in Lake Oroville) in 2015. Curtailment of1,611 junior water right holders in the San Joaquin River watershed and Scott River were issued and a statewide urban water restriction was announced.  A lot of water districts and water agencies consider these requests unfair and a misuse of authority. Attempting to prioritize critical water demand from water uses that are not a fundamental need is where the angst is occurring. Reducing outdoor watering like lawns is a contentious issue.

It’s important to recognize the real reason for these water restrictions. We don’t want to go bone dry, reach dead pool, or experience anymore dry holes or empty groundwater wells. Running out of water is not an option.  Governor Brown’s request is really fueling a California community concept. The concept is, “I got you covered and I know you have me covered. “ It is dependent on a lot of social and physical factors, that’s for sure but this can be accomplished with local voluntary agreements.