Operation Unite® is involved in connecting real mentors in the water industry with people who have interest in training and education in vocational and academic schools. Our participation is through mentor clubs organized through professional organizations and schools and Operation Unite's "Meet Your Mentor®" internet Living Water® radio program.

The program series develops an understanding of what is important to pursue and maintain a high standard of applied knowledge and integrity in a changing world. Mentors may be hydrogeologists, water sanitation technicians, water rights attorneys, water lab tech, engineering geologist, to mention a few.

Each mentor has a blog during the radio series that begins when the show first broadcasts and continues, for one additional year, after the last show of the mentor's series is broadcasted. Chat rooms, Skype calls, GoToMeeting and physical meetings are periodically scheduled based on listener requests and mentor travel schedules.

Tune in to Living Water® internet radio and contact us with your interests and ideas.


Robert E. Trousil, PE, has 30 years of comprehensive, multi-disciplinary engineering and management experience emphasizing hydraulics, hydrology, community water infrastructure planning, design and development, and environmental analysis permitting. He is currently working as a Regional Hydraulics Engineer for the Southeast Region, Alaska Department of Transportation, Juneau, Alaska. His work has taken Robert to the Yakama Indian Nation in Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Kodiak, Alaska.



Robert Campbell, MS, PG, CEG has been working as an engineering and environmental geologist for the past 28 years. Professional work has focused on evaluating environmental impacts and associated risks, implementing alternative remedial technologies to mitigate environmental concerns, geochemical evaluation of soil and groundwater; geologic and seismic hazard assessments, fault and landslide investigations and hydrogeological investigations related to seepage evaluations and groundwater production well design and performance. He currently owns and operates GeoSolve, Incorporated. GeoSolve provides solutions-oriented services for environmental, geological, and hydrogeological projects. Projects have taken Robert to across the United States.